My English Bulldog has a Barking Problem. What do I do?

Despite the endearingly gloomy mug that most English Bulldogs have, they are one of the most amiable of all breeds since they tend to assert dominance over other dogs. The fact about English Bulldogs is that they can live for 8-10 years and they are short and have a fine coat which is easy to gloom and maintains. Although English Bulldogs do not bark a lot, sometimes they have a behavioral problem of barking without reason. We had moderate success with this inexpensive and easy to adopt clicker technique.

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One should identify why they are barking and train them in the correct way from the very beginning. The natural way for every dog to communicate is through barking and one should understand why your bulldog is barking. Pay attention to your dog to distinguish what kind of bark it is and stop giving your dog what it wants whenever it barks rather take some time to train your dog. This will decrease the concession to a dog’s request barking and progress with whatever you have been making. Another great way to train away a problematic English Bulldog’s barking problem is to use a special collar designed to curve problematic barking and redirect the dog’s behavior. This is the collar that we used to train our Bulldog, Lucy.

If your dog is barking stop yelling rather than discipline it in the right way. English bulldogs always feed off your reaction and this may be the only way your pet knows how to behave. Yelling at your dog can make them get the wrong opinion of your command and think that there is a reason to bark. If at all you lose your patience and yell at your dog, the dog may prolong its barking since it has been commanded to expect any kind of negative response. The correct way to respond to your dog whenever they bark is to ignore or seek a better attention behavior and this could not only stop them from barking but also cure your pet from getting startled from situations.

Stop waiting for a habit to form when your English bulldog begins to bark excessively this in the end will be a difficult task to stop it from excessive bark. When you notice that your pet barks excessively pick a command word and stick to it from the start. This is the easiest way to curb your pet for it will figure out the problem and discipline it appropriately and this will allow your household to have peace.

How To Stop Your Bulldog Barking To Perceived Intruders

Barking to intruders does not only require visual confirmation because some dogs engage in alarm barking because of simply hearing voices on the sidewalk. Alarm barking is any way of barking to perceived intruders and is normally accompanied by one to two inches of each bark. The following are ways to stop your bulldog from barking to perceived intruders;

Teach your bulldog the quiet command. This training will require patience and consistency since it consumes time but when applied correctly it will make even the most territorial dogs behave better. When your bulldog starts engaging in alarm barking wait for three to four barks and then pay attention to it by distracting it from a perceived intruder. Then wait until it stops barking to the perceived intruder and once it stops say the word quiet in a low calm voice and repeat the process until it associates the word quiet itself. This will become a habit to your bulldog and once it does it more occasionally you can start giving a quiet command without showing your dog any treat. After it complies you can start giving your pet treat for more training sessions and it will finally learn to be quiet on command without a treat.

Also, train your dog to apply the quiet command to real-world situations. This can be done by having someone who will approach your front door and pretends to be a mailman and if he/she leaves while your dog is barking, the dog will tend to think that the barking drove him/her away. This will make your dog learn the quiet command and be applying them to real scenarios.

How To Control And Correct Bulldog Barking Problem

It is important to praise and reward your English bulldog when it finally stops barking and congratulates its silence. This reward should be given as quickly as possible for this will vary the amount a dog must remain quiet without barking for no reason. The best way to train your bulldog from undesired behavior is by replacing the behavior with an alternative behavior that will allow your dog from realizing that it is good to engage in a more desirable behavior. One can also bring a favorite toy to it and place it on the floor for this will help one to save time that he/she will use while teaching to replace undesired behavior.

Also once your bulldog stops barking it is important to continue training it for this will cover all aspects of attention-seeking barking. This will make your bulldog eventually learn to wait patiently regardless of whether it wants to play or eat.


The overall way to reduce your bulldog from barking a lot is by meeting its needs, for example, if your bulldog is hungry it will bark. No training or behavior techniques will satisfy the need for food or comfort. Always make sure your bulldog has plenty of food and water to drink and access it inside your home for comfort.

Also, be exercising your bulldog and give medical attention. Bulldogs may sometimes bark because of being injured or sick and one should seek medical attention to it.

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