The uniqueness of understanding the need of your bulldog will help to keep your bulldog healthy thus creating a strong bond between you and the dog.

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For How Long Do Bulldog Puppies Sleep?

Sleeping is very essential to healthy growth and during this time the puppy’s central nervous system, muscles, brain, and immune system are developing. A puppy sleep for an average time of 15-20 hours per day and this helps them to rest up during growth spurts. To ensure that your puppy sleeps well one should have a daytime nap and a night bed.

During the night create a bedtime routine and make sure your puppy sticks to it. Most puppies start sleeping well during the night after sixteen weeks but always make sure you create a sleeping space for them. To make sure that your puppy feels part and parcel of the family one can keep his puppy in the bedroom where there are soft towels and toys.

During the daytime, if your puppy wants to sleep encourage your puppy to use a daytime nap which is in a silent place. Avoid disturbing your puppy from environmental noises especially from children. Use a planned schedule that you will be following to ensure active time is followed and ensure after exercise or playtime your puppy sleeps for a while before it wakes up to do anything else. Don’t set a bad habit by allowing your puppy to fall asleep in your lap rather be guiding your puppy where to sleep whether in a nap or bed. This may take some time before it adapts to that habit but with time it will be recognizing the spot place to sleep.

Bulldog Beddings

Bulldog-like having their own private retreat to when they have left home alone. Wire crates that are ventilated are highly recommended because when you want to travel with your bulldog he can feel safer when riding on a crate where it has its own place of sleeping. Avoid using very expensive beddings that are highly costly for your bulldog. Normally, English bulldog uses a common cotton rug which is easily accessible and cheap. Even if this cotton rug is mostly used by many people avoid using a wicker one since bulldog likes tearing it out swallowing the pieces. Always be careful with slippery surfaces because bulldogs have joints that are naturally looser and if at all there this kind of floor provides traction and a bath mat when bathing your bulldog. English bulldog survives with a temperature that is very well moderated and in an environment that has well-conditioned air and like thriving indoors.

Bulldog Equipment

Always provide a food dish and water dish which are stainless steel while feeding your bulldog and should be placed at the flat bottom on the floor. Also, big fluffy chairs are recommended where you can sit comfortably with your bulldog puppy. This ensures that your puppy can feel the warmth and be comfortable in that chair which increases healthy growth. While training your puppy a strong leather collar that is light in weight is advised in order to ensure your puppy does not confuse while trying to follow your tugs. This is because collar tugs are in one area facing the same direction and do not make it hard for your puppy to identify what you want him to do. After your puppy is well-trained one can use a harness tug.

While nailing or grinding dog nails, one can use a Dremel tool which is available in hardware stores to grind your bulldog nails which makes them be well-rounded and smooth. Also when brushing the coat of your bulldog use a rubber bristle brush that is comfortable in your hands and lightly spray to your bulldog face using a spray bottle that is filled with cool water.

How To Feed And Train Your Bulldog

One should aim to feed your bulldog to increase the growth of joints, bones, and muscle but not making your bulldog obese. Natural food with a good diet will increase the immune system of your bulldog and always be careful not to make bulldog food accessible all time. The English bulldog is very smart but sometimes they are stubborn especially when training them and this may require extra time and patience.

The good key while training your dog is to understand how it thinks and stop charming it for you will confuse it making training to be difficult.

How To Brush And Wrinkle Your Bulldog

Maintain relatively low affairs by concentrating on the main areas like brushing. Always make sure you brush your bulldog from the back moving forward at least three times a week for they love being brushed. This will make their coat to be shiny and smooth and remove the dead hair making your bulldog feel comfortable. Also, wrinkle your bulldog carefully for a lot of dirt is found under your bulldog`s wrinkle and can lead to an infection if it is not thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

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